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Throwback to the era which started gaming for us!

Let's take a ride back to the good old days of Cartridge Games

With the bright shine of games like FIFA and Call of Duty, somewhere all of us forgot the games we actually grew up playing. Glued to our TV Screens ( For the kids of this generation,yes these games were not played on PC and only on gaming consoles attached to the only TV in the house) for hours and hours in day and night. Only left the screen when our parents forced us to and we had to leave Princess Peach who was kidnapped by the Brutal Bowser.

Almost all of us used to boast our collection of cartridges and all the latest games we owned. Exchanging cartridges with our friends and enjoying new games every now and then was the best feeling ever. Not worrying about low FPS (Because there was none), but we still used to rage when stuck on that one BOSS LEVEL. Feeling nostalgic? Don’t worry we have a bag full of it ready for you ahead.


  • The OG 9999999 in 1 Games (LOL)-


  1. Super Mario Bros (Obviously) -



We undoubtedly had to start this dope list from the best of them. The SUPER MARIO BROS- Luigi and Mario were our first Game Character Love (At least for some of us). The objective of the game was to beat all the levels and free the beloved Princess Peach who was kidnapped by the Evil Tortoise Family. There were unlimited number of mods for this game,most of them were extremely weird and funny, I remember a game called Super Mario Bros- The Moon edition,in this you could literally take jumps which were so long that you could feel that Mario was flying half the level ( I am not kidding guys). 


FUN FACT- Mario Bros was one hard ass game back in the day ,only if we had unlimited lives so that we could travel back to the world we died in,right? Actually the developers thought of us and made a mode with unlimited. NO KIDDING, we just had to Press A ( If you had one) and Start at the same time. (Only if internet was at our aid at that time) 

  1. Contra-


This was one of the first Shooting Games I ever had my hands on (Tell us what was yours in the comment section guys). The actual genre for the game was Run and Gun. Both of the two Contra Commandos named Bill and Lance were hell of a ripped guys who reminded me duo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. The main plot of the game was to save our Planet from an invading alien attack(By Red Falcon Co.). The players are trained commandos in Guerrilla Warfares. This game gave new dimensions to controlling the players. The characters were one of the most free-style characters of the time with both the commandos having the ability to move not only their bodies but also the aim of their guns. All of us loved who they somersaulted through the air and jumping over bad guys. Getting the gun upgrade was the most bad-ass moments in the game,right?


FUN FACT- In the very later sequel of contra, it was revealed that the main villain the Red Falcon Co. only came to Earth to retrieve an Alien Tech known as the Moirai Relic, which was stolen by someone on Earth.

  1. Konami’s Track & Field- 


This game by Konami consisted of multiple Olympics like Athletic events- 100 Meter Dash,Long Jump,Hurdle Race,Javelin Throw,Skeet Shooting,Triple Jump,Archery and High Jump. This was one of the few games,which were the simplest to play but still we had no idea of what we did to win. WE JUST WANTED TO WIN. This game taught us how to press and spam buttons as fast as we could. I guess my controllers went bad because of these games (LOL).  For me the hardest of these eight games were Javelin throw and Long Jump,not because it required something hard,but because I was dumb and coudn’t time my throws and jumps.Also,I enjoyed the games background audio like anything,it was just like an 8-bit music,but back then all of us were just enjoying everything,didn’t we?

Here check out- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIjDpOFensY 

FUN FACT- Track & Field became an Arcade Favorite and Konami arranged championships and the national winners were given the chance to go to the 1984 Olympics.

  1. Duck Hunt


Talking about the T&F Music, how can we forget the cheering music of Duck Hunt guys. This game was our Go-To game when we were frustrated,shooting those ducks down and the happy dog clenching them (Okay,too dramatic). What we sometimes enjoyed more than the game itself was the feeling of handling a working pistol in our hand ( It did work as Video Game Gun Bro),but most of us were always confused how did it even work,I did. To date ,Duck Hunt (Also Clay Shooting) is one of the games I miss the most. I miss the use of Zapper Gun ( You need a CRT TV to use the zapper,and HTC Vive are a little too expensive.)

Fun Fact- How often did you shut up your sibling saying there was no multiplayer in Duck Hunt? Not your fault,not many of us knew this,but the second player could actually control the duck in the game. Time to confess? 

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog-


Who wouldn't love a super fast hedgehog? We loved him.Sonic could run at Sonic speeds throughout the levels.For me,the main task was not to complete any level,but I found collection a hundred Gold Rings to get an extra life more fun. GAMERZ are weird and we all know it. Rage moments when we collided with an enemy and lost our rings. The main plot of the game was to stop Dr. Ivo Robotnik also known as Dr. Eggman from collecting all the emeralds and harnessing the powers from all of them( Just like the Avengers trying to stop Thanos from collecting all of the Infinity Stones guys). Sonic also frees captured animals from Earth which are caged by the evil doctor. 


FUN FACT- Sonic, The Hedgehog himself did not had any super powers but was super fast because of the “Power Sneakers” he used to wear. 


For us at GamerzByte, these were some of the g(OLD) games which will always have a part of our hearts. What are yours? Mention them in the comment box and we will write up about them soon.


GamerzByte comprises a growing team of passionate gamers, geeks, marketers, designers, streamers, engineers, and community builders, all on a mission to bridge the gap of amateurs and pros while evolving competitive gaming in India as we know it with innovative technology. Our Team has over 15 years of consolidated business expertise and gaming experience.

At GamerzByte, eSports or Competitive Gaming Tournaments, Ladders and Leagues are played across multiple platforms such as PC, Console, Mobile and VR. eSports Events are organized in 2 formats i.e. Offline & Online. Offline Events are held on-ground with the never ending community of gamers from colleges and universities. Our Online eSports Events Portal brings the events experience online with a vision to reach out to every gamer in India. GamerzByte brings with it an undying passion and commitment to provide the best gaming experience to create a community for gamers in India.We are passionate about gaming in all formats and we believe every gamer should be given an opportunity to prove himself/herself against all odds to win and earn using their super gaming skills.


 This post is written by Karan Gaggar. Gamer and a traveler at heart, and I love to spend my time trying in contributing what all I can do for these communities. I have been gaming since I can remember, also into the field of freelance photography and cinematography. Cheers guys. 

HMU on Insta- instagram.com/karangaggar 


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