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Dust - The love of every gamer 

Dust - The love of every gamer 



Counter Strike has been with us since we can remember. From the days of Counter Strike 1.6 to the days of CS:GO and so has DUST - The legendary map has always been on the top of the favorites list for all the CS players. All of us went to gaming cafes with our friends spending half a dozen hours straight,also how cheap was gaming back then, simply take your regular position in the cafe and also in the game and completely cut off the connection from the outside world.Winning back to back games,raiding different servers from all over. THE BEST FEELING EVER.


What exactly is DUST -

Dust is similar to any other map in CS in the terms of the scenario(Though it is one of the 3 oldest bomb defusal maps in the CS History which include Nuke and Prodigy) - bomb defusal scenario between CT(Counter Terrorists) and the Terrorists,where the bomb can be planted by the terrorists on any of the two bomb sites-A and B. The map is set in a kind of Middle-Eastern Town where terrorists and the CT spawn at two areas which are apart from each other. The main motive of the game is- For Terrorists- To deploy and blast the C4 bomb near Chemical Stashes (Did you know the boxes at both sides are Chemical Boxes,No right?) and for the Counter Terrorists- To prevent the terrorists from blasting the bomb,if the bomb is planted, the CT need to defuse the bomb in order to win the round.


Let’s get into how one map has matriculated all the tests of time and the history and other things to know about the legendary map-DUST 

  1. The History- 

The map designer for the Dust Maps- David Johnston was just a teenager at the time, he loved designing mod games for different games,and hence also loved designing different maps. David,first got inspiration for the Desert Town inspired map,when he got a look at some leaked pictures for a map in the then cancelled game-” Team Fortress 2- Brotherhood at Arms” . The map was professionally textured later,with removal of unnecessary elements in the map, which eventually lead to the release of the map DUST known as de_dust”. Where “de” stands for Defuse .With the launch,Dust became an overnight favorite of all the GAMERZ around the world. This made David and his team extremely happy.




  1. The beginning of Dust 2-

David and his team kept a very straight forward thought process while building the sequel for the massively popular map,to stick to the original theme of the DUST map. They wanted to recreate the magic of Dust but not make it exactly like the dust,which is a hard thing to do. Apart from the changes made to the actual map from the older Dust, the texture was made a little more realistic and minor changes to the position of sun and introduction of other physical objects in the later parts of the updates. Though minor updates still keep rolling to this map, it never actually received a layout changes in it.

While Dust 2 was actually named as it is now,earlier David Johnston had given it the name of Dust 3,but later released as Dust 2 in the year 2001 with the game CS 1.1 and just like its predecessor, Dust 2 gained immense love,with servers working at their max loads at all times,the developers soon understood the map’s actual potential.




  1. AWPING-

Who doesn’t like to registering a perfect kill by marking a headshot. Be it from the “MID DOORS” where,according to us the terrorist side has better leverage over the CT side, but the case changes when the CTs have an AWP at the “A Long”,also the CTs have a stronger position at the bomb site A, when a CT is placed just behind the CAR, it is almost impossible to see them before it gets too late and you are dead. With the time,AWPing has also improved drastically, players have started finding new angles throughout the map and also multiple strange tricks to get the best of AWP. 



  1. Popular Terms Used in Dust 2- 

There is a reason why everyone who plays DUST 2 feels like they own the game and that they are a pro at the game ( Even though you are not,LOL). The feel of shouting LT,UT,A Long does the all. Just because the game is hugely popular,most of the players understand what they are talking about,and if you don’t we are here to tell you- 


  • LT- Lower Tunnel
  • UT -  Upper Tunnel 
  • T Spawn- Terrorist Spawn Area
  • CT- CT Spawn Area
  • A Long- The longer corridor which connects the Long doors and the Bombsite A 
  • Window- The Window just above the bombsite B which looks over the CT Mid. 



  • AFK- Away from Keyboard ( Mostly used when a player goes offline while in the match)
  • Camping- Staying at a single position waiting for an enemy.
  • One Tap- Killing with just one shot
  • Gay Gunner- A player who is using Scar-20 or any other automatic snipers (DMRs) 
  • Eco Round- Pistol only round,in order to save money 
  • Hand Cannon- Deagle Pistol ( Known for its amazing damage) 
  • IGL- In_Game_Leader,the one who leads a team and guides.
  • Molly- Molitov 
  • Wallbanger- The one shoots through penetrable objects in the game.
  • The most important-GG- Good Game 


  1. Weird Facts about the game- 

  • Crouching Does not make more damage- It is often said the crouching will give your enemy more damage, a complete myth, crouching simply helps by making it easier to aim directly upon the torso of the enemy. 


  • No Skins and No Competitive Matchmaking- Until late, CS did not offer any gun/knife skins to its players and also no competitive matchmaking. 


  • Locate the bomb in the smoke- If you keep your tutorials on, you can locate the bomb even in a smoke. 


  • Tame your chicken- Simply press E near a chicken and chicken will keep following you in the entire game.


  • In the first few trials of the map,the underpass led to a different arena, but was later before the release removed as the developers found it confusing.




This was our tribute to one of the legendary maps in the entire history of not only Counter Strike but the entire FPS Gaming. Dust has been with our Thick and thin,always there when we wanted to try some extreme rush game plays or camping with an AWP. Tell us the most loved thing about this fabulous map in the comment section.


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This post is written by Karan Gaggar. Gamer and a traveler at heart, and I love to spend my time trying in contributing what all I can do for these communities. I have been gaming since I can remember, also into the field of freelance photography and cinematography. Cheers guys. 

HMU on Insta- instagram.com/karangaggar 






Dust 2 map.jpg





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