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Grand Theft Auto -The most popular gaming series ever -

Grand Theft Auto -The most popular gaming series ever -

  • What is the series/genre?

This game which has been in the world of gaming since before most of us were born,released in the year 1997. Grand Theft Auto was firstly developed for MS-DOS and Windows and later on released for playstation. GTA is an Open World Action-Adventure game where the main characters mostly work for different crime syndicates with multiple missions and scenarios, the main aim of the player is to earn money and enlarge their territory in the game. 

Just as all our blogs have an interesting story behind the main topic, How can the biggest game our generation not have one. 

GTA is actually born because of a mistake. The original developers were testing a game called Race ‘N’ Chase. The game had a bug where the cop cars would not stop you (Robbers) instead would push your car down the road and run you off your path. The developers found it to be extreme fun and hence planned to create a different game with the similar concept,which was first released in 1997,with the name “Grand Theft Auto”




  • What makes Grand Theft Auto so popular-

Watching down the game with more than 200 million sold copies, 22 years. GAMERZ have given it huge amounts of love. Especially, GTA V which is the latest game in the franchise,launched in the year 2013 accounted for ,more than 50% of the entire franchise’s sale which is more than 110 million copies. 


Let us tell you the reason behind GTA’s sky rocketing success and why the franchise has been the holder of  high ratings since its early days-

  1. The Format-Open World with an Intriguing Story Line- 

Someone who has even the fraction of knowledge about gaming, won’t disagree with the fact that Grand Theft Auto is the grandfather of Open World Games. Rockstar games,the developers have always provided GAMERZ with a game where they can do whatever they want to. Drive dope-ass Sports Cars, do a 360 on a Motorbike,Plan a robbery, perform a drive-by, enter a rival gang area and shoot and spill blood, destroy a building using a Remote Controlled Helicopter( Ever GTA Vice-City knows what we are talking about,we remember how hard a mission it was, we sympathize with you mates)

Apart from the open world, the franchise always had a captivating story line attached to the game,where players felt they are the main character. Be it Tommy Vercetti (GTA VC),Carl Johnson AKA CJ (GTA San Andreas) , the crazy old guy Trevor Philips or the rich millionaire with an eye-popping mansion Michael De Santa, we did not just press buttons and played, we enjoyed and felt their stories.  

Fun Fact- The entire series involved only two, child characters. Yes only two of them in 11 games.

  1. Huge Maps and Enthralling Graphics 

The Take Two Interactive developed game, gives its players humongously large maps to roam and explore. Not only these giant maps are big, but the designers made it sure to make all the bits and pieces of the gaming franchise interesting and eye-popping details.GTA V ,which boasts the largest map out of all the games in the franchise has a map spreading upto around 130 Square Kilometers. A map this vast is not easy to design and create,but the creators left no stone unturned to construct this masterpiece. Across the entire series,the maps have been seen to display different geographical locations. 

The graphics of the games are candy to the eye. With every addition to the most popular series in the gaming industry, Take Two Interactive have always been setting a milestone. If a person is playing the Billion Dollar game- GTA V for the first time,they are bound to be struck with the real-life-like graphics of the game. Not only did the designers focus on the graphics but they made sure that the Mechanics and dynamics of the game remain as close to real life as they could be made. You can notice how a drunk Trevor falls on the road driving a bike or how an airplane crashes. The graphics are too much to handle! 



Img Src=https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Wmn8s5YrTEA/maxresdefault.jpg


  1. Of Course- The Gun Blazing,Grenade Blasting Violence-

People of our generation loves violence, the sound of big guns firing hundreds of rounds per minute( BRRRRRRRRRR!!), grenades and molotovs being popped on the road, shooting tires of the cop cars, or blasting the entire car with an RPG over their favorite player’s shoulders (KABOOM!) 

Each one of us has had our days,when we were in a confused state of mind,so started the game and ended up killing innocents (Okay,sorry we know it sounds too inhumane) innocents in the game and irritating the hell out of some cops,only if they were alive for more than a few minutes. GTA has always helped us in discharging our frustration on the game and getting back peaceful out of the game in the real-life.



  • Highest grossing game of the series-

GTA V, which is the 11th addition to the Take Two Int. developed game, is by far the most sold game. With more than 110 million sold copies.The game broke 7 world records within the first few weeks of its release in 2013. It not only became the fastest game to gross a Billion Dollar mark in the industry, but also was the fastest in the Entertainment industries which includes the biggest players such as Movies and Music. 

Grand Theft Auto:Online was released two weeks later than the original title’s launch. This was basically a multiplayer version for the same game, where multiple players with different aliases could group together and organize different scenarios and events. Even after 6 years of its launch,Rockstar continuously adds new events and content for its players. GTA V has till date grossed more than $6 Billion in revenue.



  • Top 5 games in the franchise;Ranked-

The following list is strictly according to our views, but it would not be very hard even for you to agree with us on it-


5.  GTA-IV

The game is set in the area of Liberty City, which comprises of three main islands.We all agree with the actions of Niko Bellic, the protagonist in the 2008 launched game. He was a War Veteran who tries to defy and escape his terrible past, his horrific actions were forced because of all the Gangs that are behind him also he was drowning under big amounts of loans.



The game was first published in the year 2001. It was set in the same city as its succesor, Liberty City.This was the first game in the series to transform the entire Open World of the game to a 3D world. The game gained instant popularity upon its launch, and was loved by the gaming community because of its different gameplay, story and its graphics.The story revolves around Claude,who fails in robbing a bank and gets arrested for it. Claude escapes the punishment and the plot continues with its own twist and turns.


3. GTA- Vice City

By far one of the most loved games,not only in this Rockstar series, but overall in the gaming world. Tommy Vercetti of Vice City is the game’s main character. The game has multiple real-life like people and concepts such as Biker Gangs,Drug Lords and Criminal masterminds. The game consisted of two main islands,the second of which was unlocked in the later part of the game. There are several mods being played till date with new cars,characters and guns.


2. GTA- V

This game was one of its kinds and the gaming fraternity loved it. The game was lead by not one,not two but three different protagonists named Trevor; a hard ass drunk guy, Michael; a rich businessman and Frank; a guy who wants to make it big. 

Gamerz have to switch from one to another from time to time to complete their individual as well as team events. The game raised the bar of graphics in the gaming industry, and hence boasts eye catching details of the entire area surrounded in the fictional city.  


1. GTA: San Andreas-

The game which changed the life of as GAMERZ, launched around the same time when most of us started spending our entire days and nights. Released for Windows in 2004,it was the 7th title in the Grand Theft Auto series.The game which bragged the largest of the maps of its time, more than 30 square kilometers until the release of the latest, GTA V. The map is based on Desert like geographical location. The protagonist, CJ or Carl Johnshon is ex-gang member whose Gang is now dead tries to re-organize his gang again. The game is reviewed as one of the greatest games ever made till date. The most demanded was not a big feature, but funnily was to give the player the ability to swim (LOL, Tommy who was the lead in the previous game could fly helicopters was unable to swim)





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 This post is written by Karan Gaggar. Gamer and a traveler at heart, and I love to spend my time trying in contributing what all I can do for these communities. I have been gaming since I can remember, also into the field of freelance photography and cinematography. Cheers guys. 


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