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The Gaming PC we all need and can AFFORD

The Gaming PC we all need and can afford- 


  • What is a Gaming PC- 

Gaming PC is basically just like any other Personal Computer we have had since a long time. It does all the normal work that include surfing the web, listening to music,watching movies,working with Office related applications like MS Word,MS Excel etc. The main difference between any Tom,Dick and Harry PC and a gaming PC is that a Gaming Rig is made with the main purpose of playing the latest games,which in this era require high quality of graphical processing and fast responses, which makes a gaming PC have a requirement of good hardware.



  • Is it possible to build a Gaming PC yourself?



A lot of us with a very little knowledge about the technical side of the computer world think that it is a very complicated task to assemble a gaming pc all by yourselves,but what we all forget is that this generation is the generation which has YouTube, bro people can learn what not on this huge platform. There is YouTube and other platforms where one can get complete knowledge of building a powerful and efficient rig all by yourselves at home with not much things required other than your efforts and passion to build yourselves a PC that you can run all the games you’ve always wanted to. It will also be easier to upgrade your old school CPU instead of building an entire new gaming rig if you’re unsure that you can create an entire new one. Also it helps in reducing the cost as you won’t require a new PC case.


  • Main Components- 

There are a number of hardware required to run a powerful rig, just like we require a Heart,mind,blood to run our bodies.

  1. Processor- 

We all know that Processor plays one of the most important roles in running a system smoothly. It is the one that manages most of the tasks in a Computer. Most of the people with lesser technical knowledge on this subject think that the latest graphically demanding games require the latest processors in the market,which is a myth. Processors do not actually handle all the pressure for the processing on themselves in a gaming machine. Also the generation of the processor matters,because what we are looking for here is Value for Money.For example- i5 Coffee Lake processor (i5-8400) is better than a i7 Kaby Lake processor (i7-7700k).



Our Choice- Intel i5-8400

Tech Specs-

Cores- 6, Base Clock- 2.8GHz, No Overclocking ( We won’t be requiring it),Cache- 9MB

PRICE- INR 17,000

  1. Motherboard-

Motherboard as we all know is the centre and acts as spinal cord to the computer. It is the part which makes the communication between the different components of the computer possible. It also allocates the power to the different system parts,and this is why choosing an efficient motherboard is necessary for a powerful machine. 


Our Choice- MSI Gaming Intel B250

Tech Specs- 

DDR4-2400 Memory Support,Number of USB Ports- 6,Number of HDMI Ports- 2,Number of RAM Ports- 4,Intel Optane Memory & VR Ready

PRICE- INR 10,000 (Gaming Mouse Free)


  1. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

One thing all of us know here is, that a Graphic Card is the heart of any Gaming Rig,and is the most significant part of the machine. All of the games are heavily dependant on this hardware. A Graphic card is also often referred as a Video Card. This is because this card is the part which is responsible for delivering the graphical images/videos to the system. A GPU receives its instructions from the CPU which is the Central Processing Unit and then processes the request. This is an important component as Gaming mainly depends upon how good the graphics are looking and how fast is the new frame loading and being shown on the screen.


Our Choice- ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 

Tech Specs- 

Clock Speed- 14,000 MHz,Boost Clock- 1771 MHz,Memory Size- 6GB,Interface-6 Pin PCI Express 3.0 x16,VR Ready 

Price- INR 14,000


  1. RAM-

RAM is the area that stores needed variables and content. Once you launch a game on your gaming PC, the RAM is an active participant because the game is loaded into it. RAM is used instead of the hard drive directly because it's faster and intended to store temporary items.

A Random Access Memory Disk or commonly known as RAM,is an important piece of hardware which stores all the content that is being in the need by the games continuously. RAMs are used because they are a faster alternative than HDD (Hard Disk Drives) or even a SSD(Solid State Drives). The DDR4 RAMs gives us the most efficient types of RAM sticks as it provides the performance as well as the pocket-friendly costs hand in hand.


Our Choice- Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

Tech Specs- Memory Type-DDR4 SDRAM, Size- 16GB (2Sticks x 8 GB),Processor- 8 

Price- INR 9,000 

  1. Storage-

People usually do not give storage enough significance and do not make it a priority, but forget that all of the data that will be utilized will be used from the storage disk only. Cheaper storages give out poor performance by delivering low data transfer rates. There are two main types of Storage devices in the market currently, traditional HDDs and the new era SSDs. HDDs while being the more cost efficient option between the both,but because Hard Disks contain a moving element to read the magnetic disk to provide the data is slower than SSDs which do not have any moving parts are expensive.Hence, a combination of HDDs and SSDs are often used,where SSDs are used as the boot drive to provide quicker speeds in booting of the computer and also players tend to run their more demanding games on these drives while keeping HDDs for less demanding games and other things to store.


Our Choice- Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 

Tech Specs- Size-500GB, Read Speed- 500+MBPS, Type- SATA III 

Price- INR 5,500


In the world of gaming, each one of us have their own choices, some prefer a better FPS with a lower Graphical Quality and some of us have an opposite preference, this is what makes choosing the perfect components extremely hard for us,but we have tried to mention the best of both worlds, performance as well as the budget. You may or may not agree with us on more than one thing here,and we welcome all of yours thoughts. It will be great if you drop in your ideas too. 

We hope to have inspired you to create your own Gaming Rig and enjoy all those games that you have always wanted to play and stream it with your friends. 


GamerzByte India is an eSports Entertainment Co., dealing in managing and organizing electronic gaming events, contests and/or tournaments across India. They are based in Mumbai, India and are expanding their network progressively PAN India.  through our channel partner. At GamerzByte, eSports or Competitive Gaming Tournaments are played across platforms such as PC, Console, Mobile and VR. They currently have 2 verticals – Offline Tournaments & an Online eSports Events Portal. Offline Tournaments are held across India covering 4 cities so far with an expansion plan of covering all major tier-1 cities by next year. Their Online eSports Events Portal is built with an idea of bringing the tournaments experience online & with a vision to reach out to every gamer in India. With a passion and a commitment to the best gaming experience, GamerzByte India strives to create a professional community for gamers.


GamerzByte Events – https://events.gamerzbyte.com  


 This post is written by Karan Gaggar. Gamer and a traveler at heart, and I love to spend my time trying in contributing what all I can do for these communities. I have been gaming since I can remember, also into the field of freelance photography and cinematography. Cheers guys. 


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