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  1. Streaming Culture in India- With the Internet Revolution in India brought by Asia’s Richest Business Tycoon- Mr Mukesh Ambani. Jio not only brought dirt cheap data to boost social media but also gave a humongous boost to YouTube in India,and with major population of India being youth. It became a kick start to the big youth oriented industry which is Gaming. Gaming Industry not only includes youth playing games like PUBG,Fortnite,Call Of Duty but also enjoying their favorite streamers on YouTube playing the same games they love. Many of our friends watch these games more than they even play them,because these streamers give a different kind of entertainment to the audience which was till recent unknown in India-eSports. What is streaming? Streaming is a technical term. Which in simple language can be explained as,when we watch something over the internet or even cable(TV),it is simply streamed from one place(Server Location) to us(Destination Location- TV/PC/Mobiles). Gaming Streams are the streaming where professional or entertainment GAMERZ stream their gaming over the internet through a Streaming Medium-popularly Twitch or YouTube. Streaming is a very entertaining form of gaming,most people who have not yet watched some popular streamers may think how watching someone else play a game is so fun? But believe us guys, it really is. For those who have not yet experienced a stream,make sure you read the entire blog ,so that you know all the popular and entertaining streamers from our country. What makes streams interesting- Streaming is mainly the pure entertainment side of gaming these days, you will notice that most of the popular streamers around the world,do not stream ONLY to WIN,but their man aim is to entertain their core audience,which is us.Streamers try to make the most for their friendly audience. From weird hidden secrets in the game, glitches. Most streamers,not only in India but around the world,make private gaming rooms (Virtual Private Rooms) where there Gaming Army can play a match against their favorite game players,interact via voice chat team up and do different missions.These streaming sessions involve all forms of merrymaking.From hilarious Chats,amusing requests and most difficult yet ridiculously weird challenges and what not happens on the streams. Streaming in India- While the streaming service,Twitch is not really common among Indians because of Twitch Prime not available in India ,also youth does not really like and can not afford to pay to watch video games online. Which makes YouTube Gaming the main source of watching streams in India right now. Most YouTubers start their streaming at night,mostly after 8, simply because majority of the people get free only after 8 in India. This is a simple yet effective strategy to get involved with most number of audience.YouTube Gaming has provided a platform for both,the streamers as well as the audience,both of them get a chance to interact with each other using features like Live Chat,but because of a big fan following of most YouTubers, live chats tend to become very populous and becomes hard for the streamers to read all of them. This is where the feature called Super Chat comes in. Super Chat is basically a paid feature,which means,if someone from the audience pays a certain amount of money,the payer’s live chat is highlighted among the other chats and which makes it easier for the streamer to notice the particular chat and hence better interaction between the audience and the streamer. Most Popular Streamers in India- With the combo of Cheap Internet and the launch of nail biting Battle Royale games like PUBG,COD and many others in India,streamers across the subcontinent have got fame and an amazing subscriber base. Here are some of the most entertaining and popular Indian Game Streamers- Carry Minati (CarryIsLive)- Ajey Nagar AKA Carry Minati who started his YouTube journey from his roast channel called Carry Minati was always a gamer at heart and used to use gaming videos as his background videos for his roasting videos.The name Carry Minati itself has gaming embedded in it- It sums up with two words-Carry,which means the one who carries the entire team to a victory in a game and Minati-which is taken from the word Illuminati.He soon made a dedicated channel for streaming games- CarryIsLive. Carry (Ajey) started streaming games like PUBG and CS:GO and soon gained huge popularity,because he delivered the kind of entertainment his audience wanted.Carry’s Channel is the first of its kind in India. People love interacting with carry and love to chat with him as he loves his audience and uses his amazing humour to make his audience ROFL. CarryIsLive- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0IWRLai-BAwci_e9MylNGw Beast Boy Shubh- BeastBoy as his fans like to call him,was one of the first Hindi GAMERZ on Indian YouTube. His name just like Carry,has a story related to gaming. He started this name when he first started playing the then hugely popular mobile game- Mini Militia. What he has achieved today,a feat of more than 2 Million Subscribers on YouTube,has been extremely hard for him.With no budget in the beginning, he started gaming from his regular PC and a poor camera ,in his room (Just imagine, do you dare to upload entire videos which contain clips of your room in front of the world of YouTube.)He even hid the fact that he was working on a Gaming YouTube Channel from his parents. He experimented a lot with his choice of videos in the beginning but ended up with making gaming has his choice of videos for the future. Beast is famous for his use of his funny facial expressions in his thumbnails. BeastBoyShubh- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI86prlqXhbkREDMTaORvLQ Mortal- Unlike other YouTubers who get into gaming later,after they try some other categories in YouTube.Mortal from his earlier days had been very particular about gaming. Naman Mathur who’s gaming alias is Mortal,started his YouTube streaming from the game Mini Militia,and then got into PUBG-Mobile as soon as it launched in India. Mortal is popularly known as Mortal Chacha among his fans for unknown reason (Yes,GAMERS are weird).His popularity and contribution to indian gaming bagged him sponsorships from brands like OnePlus and many other brand intergrations.Mortal is one the best PUBG-M players across the world. Mortal’s team-TEAM SOUL had won PUBG India Championship earlier this year which qualified them for the PMSC- Berlin Championship,though TEAM SOUL could not win and marked 12th position at the end of the tournament, but Mortal was named the Crowd Favorite Player for the tournament. Mortal-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Q7pl0z0MrdayvmAnchlJQ/videos Dynamo- Dynamo,who’s line “Patt se Headshot” is probably more popular than him these days,thanks to platforms like TikTok and other meme pages. Dynamo has been one of the oldest (not so consistent though) GAMERZ channels on YouTube in India. Dynamo started his gaming channel with a montage video of one of the most loved games in the gaming Industry- BattleField 3. He then soon shifted to PUBG-PC and started streaming his entire gameplays of 2-3 hours on YouTube,which used to be an unpopular culture at that time in India. He started gaining audience with the rise of PUBG, he loves sniping and hence got the title of Sniping king Dynamo. Though he soon shifted to PUBG-M using emulator from the PC game, he then became an even more deadly Sniper,because PUBG-M’s mechanics and gameplay were much easier if compared to the PC variant of the game. Dynamo is extremely popular on YouTube,with a subscriber base of 4+Million, he is way ahead in the league even with the likes of Carry Minati. Ankith V3nom Panth- Ankith Panth AKA The V3nom is one of the most consistent Streamers in India from the past 3 years. Ankith has the same story as many of us. He faced a lot of taunts for his love of gaming from friends,family and even the society.All of them told V3nom,that this is just a way to pass time and he will never be able to earn bread for his family with what he wants to do-Gaming.He proved them all wrong with a lot of dedication,consistency when he became one of the first in the country to be affiliated directly with Corsair. Ankith is one of the best Pro-Players India has in the game of Counter Strike.At one point of time,in the beginning of his YouTube career,he used to stream for 6-7 hours a day,at one sitting. We are not kidding, it is extremely hard for one to be so dedicated towards one thing,when there is not enough audience to boost your self-confidence. V3nom has a different character than other Indian Streamers,he is more of a professional-league player. Ankith is also a popular and has a successful career in DJing. So, he is not only good in gaming but also knows the art of music. V3nom-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZT5nE2GoKownr5N48_NsPQ So,this was something on gaming from our side for this week. Streaming has been gaining extreme popularity in India,which has opened gates of self-confidence for many of us as GAMERZ . Not only do we now have the morale to face the society and our families,the stories behind these now successful streamers make sure that we do not lack in our determination.GamerzByte was born with the aim of making Gaming as big as we can in India.No talent should be wasted,no matter what field you want to pursue, and this is why we bring you a chance to work as a full-time YouTuber at our channel and much more so that you get a chance to earn the name,fame and money,head on to the page to learn more about it- https://www.gamerzbyte.com/careers GamerzByte India is an eSports Entertainment Co., dealing in managing and organizing electronic gaming events, contests and/or tournaments across India. They are based in Mumbai, India and are expanding their network progressively PAN India. through our channel partner. At GamerzByte, eSports or Competitive Gaming Tournaments are played across platforms such as PC, Console, Mobile and VR. They currently have 2 verticals – Offline Tournaments & an Online eSports Events Portal. Offline Tournaments are held across India covering 4 cities so far with an expansion plan of covering all major tier-1 cities by next year. Their Online eSports Events Portal is built with the idea of bringing the tournaments experience online & with a vision to reach out to every gamer in India. With a passion and a commitment to the best gaming experience, GamerzByte India strives to create a professional community for gamers. GamerzByte Events – https://events.gamerzbyte.com This post is written by Karan Gaggar. Gamer and a traveler at heart, and I love to spend my time trying in contributing what all I can do for these communities. I have been gaming since I can remember, also into the field of freelance photography and cinematography. Cheers guys. HMU on Insta- instagram.com/karangaggar
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