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  1. PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds, or more prominently known among GAMERZ as "PUBG" PUBG which was launched in the year, 2017 for PC, and gained instant love and popularity from the Gaming Community. It is an online multi-player Battle Royale game, developed by Bluehole and Tencent. PUBG is among the top 5 list of most downloaded gaming titles ever,with more than 200 million downloads across all the platforms which include PC, Xbox, PlayStation and PUBG Mobile which contributes 50% of its user base. WHY PUBG IS THE MOST POPULAR GAME IN THE CURRENT TIMES- 1.) User Experience - PUBG swanks one of the most amazing and immersive gameplays among the current AAA gaming titles. The seamless graphics is what is that has attracted gamers around the world to this Billion Dollar revenue generating video game. Tencent has immensely focused on developing a better game by fixing in-game glitches by providing a chance to report bugs to the gamers. PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds allures gamers with its simple game play and an highly optimized mechanics for both Console and Mobile. 2.)MULTIPLE MAPS TO DIVE IN PUBG which has been downloaded more than a 100 million times just on the Google Play store, boasts 4 Maps. Vikendi- The latest of all of the maps. Vikendi which was released earlier in January this year,is a snow themed map. It is an 8kmx8km map of which the main hot drop locations are Castle,Cosmo,Volo, Podvosto, Cement Factory and mount Krez. Note- Vikendi also is the only map in PUBG (known till now) to have a secret cave in the game, which has multiple loot boxes in it. Miramar- was released when PUBG mobile was gaining huge success. Miramar let's player play gamers in a Mexico themed, desert geographical location. It is an another 8km x 8km map in the game. Hot drops in the game change time to time, but olayers' favorite among others are - El Pozo, San Martin, Los Leonos, Pecado and Hacienda Sanhok- Is the smallest maps among all of them. It is a 5km x 5km map. It is a Vietnam based, tropical themed map. The smaller size of the map leads to early start of intense battles, the hot drops- Boot camp and Paradise resort. Only the pro players can get out of their alive. The adrenaline filled game play is what makes sanhok different from the game's other maps. Erangle- The most popular map has over 1,00,000 players at any point of time in the game playing live. Erangle which has been in the game from PUBG's existence. Everything that PUBG is today, is because of game's fans' love for this 8km x 8km map. From camping bridges, to crossing them without support, this map has it all that a players demands.The hot drops are- Pochinki, Georgopol,Novo,Military Base and Rozhok. 3.) FREEMIUM MODEL & FREE INTERNET There is only one thing that bothers gamers more than a choppy FPS with a low ping, it is the Game fees. PUBG PC is cheaper when compared to other AAA gaming titles such as COD WW2, Battlefield V etc. While what made PUBG a huge popularity was its mobile version, which to date is completely free to download and play. GAMERZ are free to play this game on Android as well as iOS that too without any ad pop-ups. As PUBG earns through a freemium model, it has a premium feature known as RP or Royale Pass, which grants it's buyers premium skins, and other features. The internet revolution that Reliance Jio has brought in India has also been one of the biggest drivers of the game to make it the most popular game among the youth of the country. 4.) INTERACTIVE & NEW FEATURES PUBG let's player talk to one another, as the developers have provided an in-built function known as voice Chat, which lets gamers voice chat with their team members as well as other players in the game (When set to "All" Channel on the voice chat section) The Tencent developed game, PUBG let's players to add their friends, by sharing their ID, which let's them play together as a team as well as fight for the tasty chicken dinner against each other. Creating rooms have given the user's the ease of playing this Battle Royale game with known people and showing off their skills. This game provides GAMERZ with different event modes inside the game which they can choose according to their choice of play at any point of time. These modes include- War, Sniper training ,, Mini-Zone, Quick Match, Zombie Mode and the latest of all- TDM (Team Death Match), which is a 5V5 Death match which gives players instant respawn when killed, and the team wins when they get a certain number of kills of the other team player in a time bounded match. GLORY EARNED BY PUBG PUBG Corporation's PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds for PC and console was crowned the most prestigious award in the Gaming Industry, "Steam GAME OF THE YEAR" by Steam Co. in 2018,which was its second year in the market. It also won "Multi-player Game of the Year" in its year of release-2017. Whereas, PUBG Mobile not only won hearts of millions of players round the globe, but also Google Play Store's "Best Game of 2018, Most Competitive Title and the Fan Favorite Game of the Year" REVENUE BY PUBG CO. PUBG Co. registered around a Billion Dollar in revenues from their game PUBG out of which the PC version grossed around $790 Million and PUBG Mobile added another $70 Million. PUBG has had a strong hold of the gaming industry since its launch in 2017,and it does not look like the developers are anywhere near loosing it in the near future. PUBG has revolutionized Battle Royale Gaming industry. GamerzByte India is an eSports Entertainment Co., dealing in managing and organizing electronic gaming events, contests and/or tournaments across India. They are based in Mumbai, India and are expanding their network progressively PAN India, through our channel partners. At GamerzByte, eSports or Competitive Gaming Tournaments are played across platforms such as PC, Console, Mobile and VR. They currently have 2 verticals – Offline Tournaments & an Online eSports Events Portal. Offline Tournaments are held across India covering 4 cities so far with an expansion plan of covering all major tier-1 cities by next year. Their Online eSports Events Portal is built with an idea of bringing the tournaments experience online & with a vision to reach out to every gamer in India. With a passion and a commitment to the best gaming experience, GamerzByte India strives to create a professional community for gamers. GamerzByte Events – https://events.gamerzbyte.com This post is written by Karan Gaggar. Gamer and a traveler at heart, and I love to spend my time trying in contributing what all I can do for these communities. I have been gaming since I can remember, also into the field of freelance photography and cinematography. Cheers guys, Let's enjoy our Chicken Dinners!
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