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    By Karan Gaggar,


    PUBG Hackers ruining the game-


    What exactly are PUBG Hackers?

    Well we all know how hard it is to deal with these hackers in our favorite game in ages,PUBG. The immense fun is being ruined day by day whenever these players,sorry they should only be called CHEATERS. We tend to find them at least once in every 10 games these days. To be honest, it is sometimes great to see yourself getting shot from a distance of 400m,but only if the rivals are legit pros and not some douchebag CHEATER with some hacks installed. There is no moment with more frustration than this. 

    Just like any other game,the main aim for players in this game is to win, by the last surviving individual or team. There are two ways to win the game- Build your skills by practicing and creating better tactics to win and the second one is also to build your skills but not ethically, but by using certain unscrupulous cheats which gives your player super skills (100 meter jumps,super speeds,perfect aims.Read the next section to know more) Today we are going to talk about these players-HACKERS


    Types of hacks-

    • Wall Banging (Through Shots)- 

    This has been a nightmare since the days of Counter Strike. Getting shot when you are behind a hard cover which bullets can not penetrate. This type of hack only requires a line of sight to shoot other players. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing how some cheaters have killed other players across a HILL, yes. Imagine the level of frustration when you are shot through an entire hill. 


    • Magic Bullet/Aim-bot/Recoil Hack - 

    Just like the name, this hack genuinely does magic during the game. You just need to fire bullets anywhere near the enemy and the bullets will get attracted to the enemy just like a magnet is attracted to a magnet. Magic Bullet automatically changes the path of the bullets and ends up damaging the enemy. This cheat not only hits the enemy,but it also surpasses the vest and helmet and hence it does not matter if you are wearing a level three protection and directly decreases the victim’s HP (Health Points) .Magic Bullets are quite identical to Aim-bot as it serves a similar purpose of delivering maximum number of hits even if a player’s control over guns are terrible. Though Aim-bot directly aims over the head, and torso of the enemy resulting in a higher damage. Recoil Cheats or mods lets the user to use a gun with no recoil,and anyone here with even a little experience can tell how this can change the game with guns like AKM (Just envision the damage given by the guns like AKM and Groza with no recoil- MIND-BLOWN) 

    • ESP- 

    ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception. This term explains itself,any cheater using this hack will have the ability of ESP. Which means that anyone using this cheat will be able to know about the locations of all the players in the game,and will be able to see them through all terrains,walls,containers and what not. Also,ESP does not only gives you the power to see your rivals but it also discloses where all the guns,consumables and other items are lying in the game. Imagine getting a DP-18 or M416 in the first few seconds of the game,we know it would make all the difference when you land in a hot drop like pochinki or georgopol. ESP is one of the most popular cheats used these days in android phones and emulators. The main reason behind its popularity is that it decreases the level of suspicion which is relatively very high if compared to Magic Bullets or Aim Bots. 



    • No Footprint/Fire/Vehicle indicator- 

    Not many people know about this hack, because it is the only motive behind using this cheat. Many of you may think “Kya hi ho jayega isse”, but believe us guys you are underestimating the leverage it provides to these cheaters. Imagine being in a small zone with all your players spread out and trying to spot enemies while a hacker starts firing at your squad with you having no idea where the fire is coming from (As there will be no indicator on the map) . The same happens when if there is no vehicle indicator on the map, a sudden squad rush with no warning is one of the top reasons because of which we die in PUBG. 

    • Speed Hack/Jump Hack/Flying Cars- 

    We all have at a point of time in the game have seen ghosts passing through in the streets of Pochinki. They were not ghosts but some cheaters using speed hacks. These players get enhanced running speeds and it does not stops here. They can make enormous jumps. So enormous that I have seen some hackers dying with “Fell from a high location” I am not kidding guys,this is legit.  


    • What to do 


    How do you know if there is a hacker in the game-

    • Watching the kill-feed- 

    Many of us do not use kill-feed for what is was made. We can use kill-feed to make an educated guess of the location of our enemies ( If someone dies of bombing,check where the red zone is). Also how strong an enemy squad is and how many players are alive in a squad. Although one of the most underutilized features is to notice if an individual is making a suspicious amount of kills in a suspicious amount of time. You can generally presume that,that player is a hacker. 


    • Watch Their Game-play-

    There have been so many chances where you were knocked by the enemy who is using a UMP or even an UZI and is at least at a distance of 300 metres, even if you had level three vest and a good helmet. Or the chances when you were reviving your knocked teammate behind a wall and the very next second you are dead. These are the times when there is a high probability that there was a hacker in the enemy team. 

    • Watch your lobby-

    We all love doing random things in the lobby, be it punching some random guy or just driving the boat to the land so that none of the other players get a chance to drive the boat(Random acts of selfishness and fun combined. WOW). What we usually don’t notice that a random player is crawling at a weird pace or jumping awfully high leaps. These acts make it definite that there is presence of cheaters in the game. We suggest you leave that lobby as soon as possible,because who would love getting a head shot in pochinki while the bullet travels from Ruins. DUH!!


    • Why are the cases of hacking escalating-

    For starters,the reasons behind the increase in cheating are the same for which all of us started playing PUBG. 

    PUBG is a FREE GAME- Even if your account gets blocked, you can always create a new on,because it takes zero amount of money to do so.This is the logic behind the drastic difference between the number of cheaters in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC. The computer variant of the game costs INR 700 in India, and who would want to get their accounts blocked and waste their money. 

    Rank Push and Rush Game-plays - We all want to rush and kill enemy squads,because it simply is the best kind of game-play in PUBG and also provides the rank push all of us want.Adrenaline rush makes us feel and also who does not want to feel like a pro who kills a squad alone and see their name in the conqueror tier in the ASIA SERVER.

    Free hacks on Android and emulator- You need not even purchase these cheats. If you are dedicated enough, you ought to find these anywhere on the internet with just a little dive of research.Even we found hundreds of YouTube videos offering free PUBG cheats and mods while researching for this article. 

    This was the article for the week from your favorite GamerzByte. We are sure you have had your part of fighting with hackers (or TRYING TO FIGHT) ,make sure you mention your instances in the comment section below.


    GamerzByte India is an eSports Entertainment Co., dealing in managing and organizing electronic gaming events, contests and/or tournaments across India. They are based in Mumbai, India and are expanding their network progressively PAN India.  through our channel partner. At GamerzByte, eSports or Competitive Gaming Tournaments are played across platforms such as PC, Console, Mobile and VR. They currently have 2 verticals – Offline Tournaments & an Online eSports Events Portal. Offline Tournaments are held across India covering 4 cities so far with an expansion plan of covering all major tier-1 cities by next year. Their Online eSports Events Portal is built with the idea of bringing the tournaments experience online & with a vision to reach out to every gamer in India. With a passion and a commitment to the best gaming experience, GamerzByte India strives to create a professional community for gamers.


    This post is written by Karan Gaggar. Gamer and a traveler at heart, and I love to spend my time trying in contributing what all I can do for these communities. I have been gaming since I can remember, also into the field of freelance photography and cinematography. Cheers guys. 

    HMU on Insta- instagram.com/karangaggar 



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